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Divorce can be an emotionally and financially burdening experience in an individual’s life.  However, if both parties have agreed to the divorce, and have reached an agreement with regards to the terms of the divorce, then the Guam divorce laws may be able to assist the couple.  On Guam, parties may be able to obtain a divorce in a fairly short time so long as the following conditions are met: (1) both parties agree to the divorce; (2) the parties have reached a settlement to terms of the divorce; (3) both parties will sign the divorce agreement and pleadings in front of a United States notary or in the United States Embassy; and, (4) one party has met the residency jurisdictional requirement of Guam by residing on Guam for seven (7) days prior to the filing of the divorce papers.  Note that in this type of divorce, the Guam court may only have the jurisdiction to grant the divorce, but will not have the jurisdiction to address other matters such as child custody and support.Please contact our office for further information and to request for a questionnaire.